BOLD. for Email Notifications
Establish a triggered and/or scheduled touchpoint approach that serves purpose‑driven notifications.
How it works for you:

Activation Emails

  • Serve as a user verification and a reminder about their decision to sign-up for content and/or subscriptions.
    This works well to differentiate a genuine and a
    non-committed user.

Onboarding Emails

  • Mark an important start of a journey between users and providers to reinforce service promises and show appreciation. This approach can be triggered and/or scheduled.

Invitation and Marketing Emails

  • Serve as a core function for businesses to invite and share promotions, launches and loyalty appreciation.

Activity Alert Emails

  • An important alerting tool whether for changes, updates, reminders and/or sharing of contents. These notifications can be triggered and/or scheduled depending on the contents.

Reporting Emails

  • A highly-efficient internal business operating tool to keep track of the business processes and management.

Security Authentication Emails

  • Forms a Second Level Factor of Authentication to fortify user’s access and accounts against fraud, misuse and the theft of sensitive information and credentials.
sub for Email Notifications offers the flexibility of

connecting directly either through sub PASS or sub </API>.