A cloud-based multi-channel payment access that enables dynamic billing arrangements to be executed on multiple formats such as mobile, web and in-applications for a wide variety of merchants.

  • Dynamic Payment Selection
  • Real-time Payment Status
  • Order and Payment Tracking Status
  • Analytics, Administrative and Reporting Interface
  • Payments for e-commerce
  • Payments for ancillary services
  • Payments for digital downloads (Gaming, Music, App Stores)

Supports various channels:
Direct Carrier Billing | Credit Cards | Online Banking (FPX) |
E-Wallets | Over-The-Counter

Design to scale:
  • Secure and seamless multi-channels payment execution
  • Efficient and dynamic payment functions
  • Effective monetisation of products and services
  • Easy integration access – API
  • APPkit
  • WEBkit
Direct, Easy and Hassle-free

Easy-to-use features that enable the completion of a payment transaction with just a few taps.

Direct Carrier Billing, Credit Cards, Online Banking (FPX),
E-Wallets and Over-The-Counter

Merchants have the flexibility to offer multiple payment methods depending on their merchandise, services and target markets.

Payment acceptance globally

Borderless payment acceptance enables businesses to operate without geographical boundaries.

Transactions notifications

Automated payment notifications to customers when merchandise and/or services are ready to be delivered.

Customer Relationship Management

Comprehensive and structured database management to retain a strong buyer and seller relationship.

Increase savings with zero upfront technological investment

There are no extra investment needed in terms of technological hardware and software requirement. All it takes is a direct connection to BOLD.Pay payment platform.

Certified, Licensed and Assured

A platform that ensures absolute success for both buyers and sellers with solid processes and procedures in place such as pay-out policy, refund policy and service level agreements.

Ever-ready transactions status

Get access to payments and acceptance status at your convenience.


BOLD.Pay is a cloud-based payment platform which provides the highest level of accessibility with the fastest deployment time frame while maintaining extensive security measures.


BOLD.Pay payment platform provides a safe, secure and efficient digital transaction avenue while allowing a deep-rooted trust-based relationship between merchant and customer.


BOLD.Pay payment platform is designed to be intuitive with inbuilt overview payments and acceptance dashboards while incorporating analytics capabilities.


BOLD.Pay payment platform enables global payment and acceptance transactions while enhancing real-time executions.


There is always room to
accommodate customisations!

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BOLD.Pay secure dynamic payment plugin access is made available on WooCommerce.

Quick start:

Developers, Distributors, Portal Operators

  • Direct Carrier Billing - Flat-Rate, Per-Usage, Subscriptions
  • Credit Cards, Online Banking (FPX),
    E-Wallets, Over-The-Counter

Real-time interactions to ensure efficiency of distribution, delivery and billing of quality mobile games across different digital devices and geographical boundaries.


Publishers, Distributors, Portal Operators

  • Direct Carrier Billing - Flat-Rate, Per-Usage, Subscriptions
  • Credit Cards, Online Banking (FPX),
    E-Wallets, Over-The-Counter

Real-time digital music downloads from ringtones to full-track music to music videos.

  • Secure and efficient monetisation system that connects music lovers anywhere, anytime.

Retailers, Merchants, Distributors

  • Credit Cards, Online Banking (FPX),
    E-Wallets, Over-The-Counter

Enable the flexibility of a variety of payment methods.

This allows e-commerce players to configure their desirable payment options based on business model, country of incorporation and target markets/consumers.


  • Direct Carrier Billing - Flat-Rate, Per-Usage, Subscriptions

Efficient billing processes, superior user experiences, one-click purchases/payments for digital downloads.


  • Direct Carrier Billing - Flat-Rate, Per-Usage, Subscriptions

Billing of preloaded contents and services in multiple digital devices including smartphones, feature phones, smart TVs, tablets and computers. Additional revenue streams beyond device manufacturing and distribution.


Satellite, Cable, Digital

  • Direct Carrier Billing - Per-Purchase, Subscriptions

Growth on-demand, premium and add-on subscriptions including:

- Movies on-demand,
- Downloads,
- Tailored packages - Sports, Dramas, Documentaries

Premium, Low Cost Carriers

  • Direct Carrier Billing - Per-Purchase

Boosts add-on revenue streams by monetising existing products and services such as:

- Seat upgrades,
- Excess baggage,
- Pre-order purchases - Meals, Entertainment, Vanity sets

  • Direct Carrier Billing - Flat-Rate, Per-Usage, Subscriptions

Innovative billing avenues where users can make payments via mobile subscriptions (Prepaid + Postpaid).

Alternative payment offerings to communities that are:

- Unbanked,
- Do not own a credit card/debit card/e-wallet,
- Do not want to expose their security information online e.g. credit card number

  • Synergistic Collaborations

Facilitates and empowers collaborations between app store operators, digital content and service providers as well as device manufacturers to generate new revenue streams.

  • Defines and counteracts declining voice and pure-data revenues.

  • Direct Carrier Billing - Flat-Rate, Per-Usage, Subscriptions

Expanded monetisation of digital premiums and purchases through:

- Add-on digital purchases - Stickers, Credits, Gifts,
- Premium purchases - Membership subscription, Special occasion shout-outs, Voting, Bookings
A digital wallet solution as-a-service on digital devices.
  • Payment, Transfer and Top-up Interface
  • Digital Wallet Creator
  • Real-time Transaction Interface
  • Analytics, Administrative and Reporting Interface
  • Digital Top-up Cards
  • Digital Loyalty Cards
  • Digital Wallet

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