Terms of Services




  1. Use of Viber Business Solutions to engage with End Users on Viber platform owned and/or operated by Viber Media S.à r.l (“Viber”) or its affiliated entities (“Viber Platform") shall be governed by and subject to the following terms:

    1. Viber Policies which apply to user or entity using the Viber App and available at viber.com; and
    2. Viber’s technical and product documentation.

    We will host your Viber Business Account on behalf of you and provide access to your Viber Business Account via the Viber Business Solutions. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, you agree and acknowledge that we shall bear no responsibility and you shall have no claim against us, for damages, losses, or claims arising from or relating to the Viber Platform.

  2. You shall pay us a non-refundable amount, in the amount of EUR5,000, at our sole discretion, as liquidated damages per each Spam Event. For the purpose of this clause, a “Spam Event” shall be considered as such when you and/or End Users have sent Content to recipient who did not opt-in to receive such Content and/or when the Content is prohibited as per this Agreement, the Viber Policies and/or any applicable Laws.