Terms of Services




  1. We may remove, revoke, rescind or withdraw short codes, keywords and/or Account from the Services and further usage by you if the revenue generated from you is nil for a period of any three (3) months consecutively (“Said Nil Revenue”) and/or (ii) the number of End Users subscribed to the services that you offered is less than five hundred (500) (“Said Subscribers’ Deficit”). We may at our sole discretion extend the usages by you of such Short Codes, keywords and/or Account for an extended period not exceeding fourteen (14) days if you provide reasonable documentary and written justification pertaining to the Said Nil Revenue and/or the Said Subscribers’ Deficit.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that you shall (i) perform user acceptance test pursuant to the Services prior to the launch of the Services to our satisfaction (“UAT Results”); and (ii) duly submit the UAT Results to us prior to the launch of the Services, failing which we shall be entitled to withhold/forfeit all your entitlements under this Agreement and pursue legal actions against you as recourse to any loss, damage or liability suffered by us.
  3. You shall provide details, and we shall first be satisfied with such details so required in the IP Address Whitelist Form (“Whitelist Form”) after the Services has been approved by us, failing which the End Users will not be able to subscribe to, and for the Services and MACROKIOSK shall not, in any manner, be held liable or responsible for the same. The Whitelist Form will be made available (i) via email, in which case we will email the Whitelist Form to you; or (ii) in the reporting module, in which case we will provide access details to you accordingly. The details provided by you in the Whitelist Form, including but not limited to the IP Address, shall be correct and accurate, and such details shall not be changed and/or amended without our prior consent. If consent is granted, you shall follow our instructions on how to change and/or amend the details set out in the Whitelist Form accordingly.